Friday, August 10, 2012

Making a Case for Hope

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

What’s up with all these wars we keep getting into? Will we never learn?

Enter a leader who knows how to think and is courageous enough to tackle the mess left by our former inept president. Barack Obama came to us with a mandate for peace, not war, love not hate, negotiation not retaliation. He dared to think outside of the war room box; he urged Americans to look at how we have gone wrong in the past in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

The people chanted, "Yes we can!" because the people needed to believe in hope; the people needed to trust that our leaders have our backs. The people needed to believe that our new leader would have the right stuff to lead.

This kind of hope never sits well with the super rich or the conservatives who champion arrogant leaders that refuse to admit when they are wrong. This kind of hope is shot down each day by self-serving television pundits who dare to call themselves journalists and are supported by the lemmings in Congress who care more about re-election than the welfare of the people they represent.

The neo-conservatives appear eager to take fated leaps into the abyss while being supportive of radical movements that give birth to an increasing number of extremists. It won’t be long before the real terrorists will have no need to do us harm because our own leaders will have taken up the slack. How crazy is that?

A hefty dose of liberalism would go a long way toward counter-balancing the overdose of Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck and Coulter. Demanding more critical thinking and less personal judgment would be a brain stretch, but isn’t it time to question the nonsense that irresponsible talking heads continue to spout?

Conservatives may feign indignation when accused of racism, but when Make Obama Fail is their oft-played theme song, then what else could it be? They accuse the liberal press (whatever that is) of blaming the current woes on the previous administration. Hello? Reality check.

Racism is a formidable enemy and each time it rears its ugly head the good people of this country need to stand up and fight it to the death. We should all loudly and profoundly object each time President Obama is condemned for having the audacity to share his hope that together we can heal our broken country.

Together means that our elected officials will have to stop politicking long enough to put Americans first instead of their ambition. It means the Party of No will have to put partisanship aside in order to see how much damage they have caused. It means they might, just might, realize how badly America is hurting now that breadwinners no longer earn the bread, teachers have to instruct for little or no pay, soup kitchens have tripled and young people no longer have the same opportunities that were available to their parents.

Why worry about being invaded by terrorists when homegrown terror campaigns grow stronger each day while we do little or nothing? Instead of helping the extremists and fanatics who preach government overthrow, why not show them up for what they are?

The Tea Party Movement may not be all bad, but it incites the Timothy McVeigh’s and Jared Loughner’s of the world to do bad things that hurt so many. Disagreeing with government policy is a right of every American, but it does not mean we can blow up buildings and shoot innocent people. Lest we forget, that is what foreign terrorists did to us.

Are we going to behave like solid citizens and stop listening to the lies told by people who care only about themselves and not America as a whole unit, or are we going to demand the end to the constant vitriol? Americans, it is up to us and nobody else.

Our country can only become strong again if we work together to make good things happen.

The American people believe in hard work, social equality and above all, hope. It is why we will continue to chant: "Yes We Can!"

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