Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our World in Twenty-Five Years

I worry about our world in twenty-five years at which time I will either be living on the other side of the flowerbed or enjoying my fifteen minutes with whomever has replaced Willard Scott. 

But I have a family and God willing, they will still be here. They will be the ones asking how and why my generation allowed the devastation of our country to happen.
Well, WE didn’t let it happen. Our elected leaders, people we trusted to guard the country's welfare, could have listened to scientific facts.

But they didn't.

They spent insane amounts of money on campaigns instead, money that could have been used to insure a livable planet for my children and grandchildren.

But they didn’t.

They could have insisted on educational programs on energy conservation.

But they didn’t.

They could have chosen to look honestly at the threats facing the world and our responsibility to mankind.

But they didn’t.

What can we do about it now when we are almost out of ammunition? Not much.

The country could come together (for a change) and fight what appears to be the inevitable, but our leaders would need to be on board. They would have to make a commitment to do whatever is necessary to insure a livable planet in twenty-five years.

That would be ideal in a perfect world, but sadly there is not much chance of it ever happening in this imperfect world. Egocentric, mean-spirited politicians are interested only in ignoring the obvious because they are more afraid of losing votes than doing the right thing.

In twenty-five years, the world we love today will be history and God will weep.

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